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Clients Best Served

Busy Professionals who may not have the time or desire to attempt to learn everything necessary in regards to the complexity of planning, investing, wealth and tax management. Our busy clients place a high value on trusted advisory relationships. Their families are their #1 priority and there are only so many hours in the day, simply put. Most of our clients would prefer to spend time with the people they care about most rather than pore over spreadsheets and pie charts. Our clients are seeking a professional and competent group who can navigate and guide them through the complexities of investing in a world where confusing, self-interested and contradictory information is the norm. Personal face-to-face meetings are where we work together to custom design solutions and strategies that address our clients long and short term goals. Many of our clients are near retirement and are seeking the confidence of knowing they are “on track” for the retirement they have always dreamed of. Our clients appreciate that we can work with their current CPA and/or Attorney, and some clients prefer to select from our strategic partner CPA’s and Attorneys where we work together to serve our clients in a collaborative manner.

Medical Professionals and Physicians

Our practice includes a number of medical professionals and physicians who have qualified retirement plans and look to defer additional income for retirement. Due to their unpredictable schedules, surgeons and physicians often require special service such as having meetings after normal business hours. Physicians have a greater need than most to protect their single largest asset: their earning capability.

Small Business Owners

Our small business owners generally start their relationship seeking help with their company’s qualified plan which leads to managing individual investments and a comprehensive financial plan. One of the issues we address with every business client is helping them identify and implement an exit strategy as we focus on their second half game plan.

Executives in Transition

As executives contemplate retirement, some of the unique services they need include exercising stock options. Net Unrealized Appreciation and tax planning, along with diversifying concentrated equity positions and creating a coherent retirement income strategy are common priorities of our busy executive clients.

Successful Families

We work with families that have complex estate planning, asset protection or investment policy issues such as trustees of family trusts. Our affluent families value our team approach of CPA’s, Attorneys, Asset Managers and Planning Specialists. Privacy and confidentiality are always honored along with strict compliance to our client’s privacy standards and requirements. Our firm works with several leading trust firms who understand and provide solutions for generational wealth transfer, tax mitigation, charitable planning and asset protection.

Women in Transition

Women facing a transition from divorce or loss of a spouse require more personal attention and time to gain confidence in someone they can trust to help them through the difficult process of dealing with issues they face, often for the first time in their lives. Particularly if they had delegated financial decisions to their spouse. Our investment strategy, which positions education at the forefront of our process, allows women to gain a greater confidence with their finances, which leads to greater peace of mind.

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