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About Provident Wealth Advisors

To GIVE real SERVICE you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is SINCERITY & INTEGRITY.  
~ Douglas Adams

Our Team

the team


Registered Investment Advisor Representative, Fiduciary,Chief Investment Strategist for Provident Wealth Advisors LLC

Daniel C. Goodwin began his financial services career 25 years ago when he and his family moved to The Woodlands, Texas. Since then, Daniel has worked closely with over eight hundred families in his community assisting them with sound strategy and planning designed to achieve long and short term financial goals.

In 2011, after climbing up through the ranks of a large national firm, Daniel created Provident Wealth Advisors to provide his clients with fee based, independent, holistic, unbiased, and fiduciary advice.  Provident Wealth Advisors specializes in comprehensive, financial, investment and tax planning. Daniel’s team of strategic partners consists today of CPA’s, tax and estate planning attorneys, institutional portfolio managers, private and commercial bankers, insurance professionals and financial strategists across a variety of disciplines. Daniel has taught certified financial planning professionals the advanced planning strategies he and his team have developed over the years which have been accredited as continuing education requirements.

Daniel is a FOX 26 News Contributor on various financial planning topics and has also been featured in US News and World Report, Business Management Daily, and BankRate Inc. He is the author of the book Live Smart- Retire Rich and is the Editor In Chief of the personal finance blog Provident Money Minute. Daniel is a nationally syndicated podcast host for entrepreneurship with the Shrimp Tank Podcast which has aired hundreds of shows across the United States and has become today part of the Entrepreneurship Degree Program at Sam Houston State University. Daniel writes a weekly financial column for a local community newspaper, and regularly gives back to his community by serving as a mentor at the Sam Houston State University College of Business where he earned his degree in 1984. 

Daniel’s gift is making the complex simple and encouraging families to take actionable steps today to pursue their financial goals of tomorrow.

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