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Recently Married

  • What is the best way to merge to overall family finances?

  • Do we need a joint bank account?

  • Who will pay the bills in the family?

  • Do we have/keep separate credit cards?

  • What is the best way to build our family budget?

  • How do we minimize our federal and state income taxes?

  • Should we buy a new home?

  • If we own two homes, should we rent the one we don’t’ live in?

  • Do we change beneficiaries on our retirement plans?

  • Should we be on just one of our health insurance plans?

  • How much should we be saving for retirement?

  • What is the best way to handle our student loans?

  • Do we need a will?

Are you ready for your FREE No Obligation Consultation . . .

· Learn how to save money by using smart tax management strategies
· Figure out new ways to minimize your expenses
· Discuss how to balance having fun today and being fiscally responsible for the future
· See the power of becoming the CFO of your own family finances

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