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Married With Kids

  • Do both of us need to keep working? How can we live on one income?

  • What is the best strategy to pay for day care?

  • Should we get a 529 plan?

  • Can you advise on the best way to get scholarships and federal aid?

  • How much should we be saving for our kids college education?

  • Can we afford to send our children to private high school?

  • What size home is the smartest for our overall budget?

  • What is the best way to maximize the benefits we get through work?

  • How much life insurance do we need? Term or cash value?

  • Is it smart to get disability insurance through work?

  • What amount should we be saving for retirement?

  • How do we minimize our federal and state income taxes?

  • What is the best age to start teaching our kids about money?

  • What happens if we split up and get divorced?

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