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Baby Boomers (1946 - 1964)

  • Getting crushed in taxes?

  • Will you be able to retire on time?

  • What is the best way to recreate a paycheck in retirement?

  • How to pay for kids college education?

  • How can I get my company to work harder for me?

  • What is the smartest age to begin taking social security?

  • Should I get long term care insurance?

  • How should I talk to my parents about their estate?

  • Going through a divorce? A 2nd divorce?

  • What to do with old 401(k)’s?

  • Do you need a will or a trust?

  • Is my asset allocation set up correctly?

Are you ready for your FREE No Obligation Consultation . . .

· Learn how to save money by using smart tax management strategies
· Figure out new ways to minimize your expenses
· Discuss how to balance having fun today and being fiscally responsible for the future
· See the power of becoming the CFO of your own family finances

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